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In The News

By harmonizing millions of data points, we create a deep, personalized understanding of your consumers to predict their behaviors and aspirations.

The Shipyard highly prioritizes Brand Safety as a key factor in selecting our programmatic partners.

Our Chief Marketing Officer Lance Porigow shares perspective on tectonic shift in privacy: "Apple is consistently ahead of Google on privacy and transparency issues. Each focuses on what’s best for their audience and Apple is in the service of selling consumers elegant technology, whereas Google is mostly selling advertising to marketers."

We intend to inspire other agencies and marketers to do the same. Frankly, action is long overdue. Together, we can foster hundreds of new professionals over the coming years and change the face of this industry forever.

The Shipyard digs deep into how consumers are adapting to the market during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Future-proofing. However you look at it, a "No Cookie Diet" is simply going to be our new reality. Our very own Blake Williams shares why it's important to start thinking about how our industry needs to change and evolve with the new reality we face.

We are honored to congratulate our client, Scotts Miracle-Gro as they were recently recognized as the top brand in the Gartner Digital IQ Index Score – Home Care US 2020 “Parent Company” category. This annual report highlights insights and takeaways related to best practices for cost-efficiencies, content strategy and marketing channel optimization for brands.

Congratulations the Scotts Miracle-Gro team…we are proud to be your partner!"

Chief Strategy Officer, David Grzelak speaks to the importance of finding a balance between creativity and data in the world of marketing. We know how to cohabitate together as data geeks, strategists and artists. #MarketingEngineers #DataScienceAndCreativityLivingInSin

The Shipyard continues to research and share information with our clients on topics of major interest. To this point, The Shipyard's Media team, put together a brief summary of observations gleaned from various sources called Covid-19 Impact On Brands and Media. In summary, it highlights three major themes:
• How consumers are adopting to the current environment
• What consumers want from brands, and;
• How brands should respond and through which channels

Now more than ever, the world of marketing strives to enhance the importance of cautious messaging and appropriate delivery. We are all working to strengthen relevancy in this unprecedented market while recognizing the sensitivity around the challenges we are facing at this time.

In this week’s MediaPost article, The Shipyard’s CEO, Rick Milenthal shares 5 marketing tips for how brands can be a beacon of hope and otherwise provide a light in this unique situation.

Fox28 Interview with CEO Rick Milenthal: Advice for Small Businesses to Stay Positive through the Coronavirus Pandemic