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What to Look for in 2021: Empowerment and Positivity

What to Look for in 2021: Empowerment and Positivity

By Rick Milenthal

2020 accelerated marketing trends we’ve been watching unfold for the last half decade. 

Consider recent history: as we had predicted before 2019, brands have started embracing the idea that creative and data should no longer be relegated to different silos; rather, the two disciplines must work together towards the common goal of creating deep and meaningful connections with audiences. And, in line with our predictions of last year, 2020, was about re-learning fundamental truths, questioning what we’ve always thought and embracing new challenges and possibilities made possible by advances in technology and strategy. 

2021 will be about five trends coming together leading to new levels of brand empowerment. These trends are also attracting the type of people we want to work with – dedicated, smart, and passionate about improving the world.

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