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By harmonizing millions of data points, we create a deep, personalized understanding of your consumers to predict their behaviors and aspirations.

California Grown is moving outside of the Golden State as the organization seeks to encourage neighboring states to purchase California fruits, nuts and vegetables. The advocacy group—under the California Department of Food and Agriculture—is supported by the state and federal governments as well as by hundreds of growers and Californians.

The Shipyard is on a mission to improve diversity in the marketing industry, starting with its own interns

The Shipyard Taps Talent From OSU/BASCA Partnership

Back in December, The Shipyard marketing agency acquired creative shop Mering for an undisclosed sum.

Businesses are taking unusual measures to navigate the current constraints on due diligence and team integration.

First published in Inc. Magazine by Christine Lagorio-Chafkin on Feb. 12, 2021

2020 accelerated marketing trends we’ve been watching unfold for the last half decade.
Consider recent history: as we had predicted before 2019, brands have started embracing the idea that creative and data should no longer be relegated to different silos; rather, the two disciplines must work together towards the common goal of creating deep and meaningful connections with audiences.

Recently, The Shipyard acquired Sacramento-based Mering, a company with four decades of success with travel and tourism, in hopes of combining resources to serve clients across the globe.

Consumer behavior has changed considerably, so much so that we believe eCommerce is here to stay and will only expand and grow further.

One of the most exciting things about the creation of Future 50 is that the group of vibrant thinkers will grow and expand over time. Columbus CEO Magazine started with 50 last year. This year, they have 100, and that will grow by another 50 next fall. Each application for the class was scored once by editorial staff and twice by members of the class of 2020.

The Shipyard has entered into an agreement to acquire independent California agency Mering. The entire courtship of the agreement was held via Zoom. With the acquisition, the group totals 120 people across four cities including: Columbus, Newport Beach, Sacramento and San Diego.

The Shipyard recently upped its commitment to diversity & inclusion with support for the Black Advertising and Strategic Communication Association (BASCA), by gifting ANA membership to OSU's Dr. Osei Appiah. The donation marks the first time an agency has made a financial contribution to the ANA on behalf of an academic institution. This is an extension of The Shipyard's ongoing partnership with OSU on the BASCA internship and advocacy program.