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By harmonizing millions of data points, we create a deep, personalized understanding of your consumers to predict their behaviors and aspirations.
Data is a gift that keeps giving. Growing at an exponential rate, the amount and types of data marketers can access gives a glimpse into the consumers’ world and desires.
Mary Meeker’s Report came out on Tuesday, and it was exciting to see how closely it aligns with many of the beliefs we have at The Shipyard.
A shifting conversation around data will be a major theme for marketers in 2019. Our CEO Rick Milenthal shares perspective on breaking down taboos and what we can expect in 2019.
Let’s face it: Data is a double-edged sword.

Customer data, in all its forms, is a treasure trove of information with which to improve brand performance. As enticing as it is, data also sparks a tremendous sense of anxiety — often overwhelming marketers with its seemingly endless volume, the uncertainty over whether to invest or retain ownership over first-party data...