The natural beauty of data science and creativity living in harmony.

Outsmarting the Competition

Natural beauty brand Weleda creates plant-rich products for face, hair, body and babies. The company sells at retail, in e-commerce and direct to consumers.

A leading brand in Europe, Weleda lagged significantly in the U.S. market and struggled to capture category growth after being outspent 20:1 by competitors.

Rather than compete with the “new” and “shiny” brands that saturate the U.S. market, Weleda needed to lean hard into digital engagement and direct conversions, but wasn’t sure where to start.

A Methodical Strategy

We helped Weleda reinvigorate and relaunch the brand in North America with a unique natural beauty story, and a novel approach to building new audiences. We used digital media, data science and creativity to identify “performing audience segments” who would respond to the natural beauty value inherent with the Weleda brand.

Rather than relying on what customers say in market research, we developed a deep understanding of how they really behave by using a massive real-time message testing program with millions of real customers. This allowed us to earn as we learned.

Experimentation Leads to Efficiency

What we learned were the common blogs, charities, beverage consumption and shopping habits among consumers who aligned with the natural beauty value proposition. Some groups were politically motivated, others practiced yoga regularly, and many were inclined to make New Year’s resolutions. The result was 575 performing audience segments that we could identify in paid media and social — 22 of which outperformed Weleda’s original customer media personas.

Beautiful Results

One result was a newly minted and validated “Inner Nature” campaign, which provides a branded backbone for each and every product SKU sold in U.S. markets — from retail to direct to e-commerce.

Within the first nine months of the campaign rollout, Weleda sales had seen significant growth at its largest retailer, Whole Foods, and the brand leapfrogged from 9th to 4th in the natural beauty category.

Through multiple subsequent product launches, digital optimization based on audience discovery and the “Inner Nature” brand foundation continue to drive beautiful success.