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First published in The Current
December 21, 2022
by Ilyse Liffreing

2023 Predictions: What Marketers Expect

The Current spoke with 11 executives from brands like Pernod Ricard, Hyundai, Walgreens, and The Shipyard about their biggest predictions for the year ahead. Here’s what The Shipyard’s chief creative officer, David Sonderman, had to say about emerging technology in 2023:

“2023 will bring excitement and confusion around AI-powered creativity,” Sonderman shared. “As the next new creative toolset (think Photoshop before there was Photoshop, or the wheel before there was one), the ability to generate compelling copy and art from text prompts, and new mashups with video and animation AI provide a whole new experimental platform for creativity. Isn’t that what creativity is all about? Trying new things? Challenging old beliefs? Some human still has to imagine what they want to create. Remember, AI doesn’t stand for “artificial imaginations.” We will quickly realize that human minds still rule — and that AI is an empowering new platform for the most imaginative ones in the industry.”

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