What we do

We co-mingle, cross-pollinate, cross-ideate and collaborate, all under one roof.

To perform in today’s multidimensional marketplace you need to be firing on all cylinders. That’s why we’re a multi-disciplined, multi-talented kind of agency. Together, we build strategies, content architectures and targeted media buys. We build new audiences, new insights and new success stories. We move from awareness to conversion in seconds flat. We have the tools to do it all. And speaking of tools, like all good builders, we’re obsessed with ours – research, insights, creativity, data science, gut and experience are some of our favorites.

So, come work with us. We’ll give you everything we’ve got.

Strategy & Data Creative/Content Media/Analytics In-House Production eCommerce
Strategy & Data
This group of specialized thinkers have, shall we say, a tight-knit relationship with data. They are keen interpreters, turning reams of data into meaningful insights and innovative strategies that drive business growth. They create white space and compelling brand territories that will attract and resonate with audiences. And, with our unique technology platform and experimental mindset, we can uncover new audiences and build predictive models. (And that’s not even the half of it).
Brand Research & Positioning
Strategic Planning
Data Science
Performance Branding
Content Strategy
Measurement Strategy
Tracking & ROI Research
Data Road mapping
Testing & Experimentation
Audiences love our big, provocative ideas because they’re grounded in insights, more relevant and more personalized. Clients love our experimental mindset, empowering them to be more courageous and confident in their decision making. As a fully integrated agency, creatives collaborate in real time with strategists, data scientists and media planners to build out concepts that are purposeful, impactful, rigorously measured and optimized for best results.
Creative Platforms
Campaign Development
Content Development
Brand Activations
Brand Identity
Web/UX Design & Development
Point of Sale
Our integrated media team believes all media can be performance media, holding every channel – and every phase of the consumer journey – to the highest results-oriented benchmark. Leveraging our proprietary data platform, The Helm, we can infuse the entire process with creative experimentation, systematically optimizing stories and audiences to increase ROI. And, for the 2nd year in a row, The Shipyard was named by AdExchanger as one of the world’s ”Programmatic Media Power Players”. What's not to love about that?
Media Strategy & Planning
Integrated Buying
Social Media
Influencer Programs
Media Partnerships & Integrations
Advanced Analytics
Attribution Modeling
Customized Biddable Algorithms
In-House Production
We have an in-house studio and non-union production arm that work hand-in-hand with our agency teams in bringing the creative vision to life with the highest quality and efficiency. Inherently scalable, our seasoned team has a soup-to-nuts process and expertise that includes but is not limited to pre-production planning, location scouting, casting, on-location shooting and full post production.
Web Development
We have built a focused eCommerce practice, bringing together D2C data-driven performance with inspiring creative to predictably drive growth. And the best news is that our eCommerce expertise doesn’t just impact digital, we spread the love across all sales channels to grow the entire business.
Advanced Analytics