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September 20, 2023

The Shipyard to Host Fireside Chat at The Nest Climate Campus

“The Responsibility of Creativity to Take on Sustainability and Drive Behavior Change”

The Shipyard takes the stage today at the Ocean Sustainability Forum hosted by OCEEF, part of the larger Nest Climate Campus.  In a session entitled “The Responsibility of Creativity to Take on Sustainability and Drive Behavior Change,” The Shipyard’s Amanda Moul and Flowcarbon’s Jennifer Owens sit down to explore the critical role of creative messaging in driving behavior change.

Fears of greenwashing have led some organizations and companies to “greenhush” and bury their efforts, leading organizations to often shy away from taking these challenges head on. But as global consumers become more aware of the importance of environmental stewardship, and increased government regulation is on the horizon, now is not the time to hide. Instead, client and agency partnerships can lean in to create sustainability-goal-driven campaigns that audiences find authentic — and in return, drive meaningful behavior change.

Moul comments: “Taking on “sustainability” through creativity can feel like a daunting task but it doesn’t have to be. Start with who you (brand) are and what you stand for. Because at the end of the day, sustainability-driven campaigns are most powerful when they are inherent to the overall brand. That brand love leads to trust and in turn leads to meaningful behavior change.”

During today’s Fireside chat, Moul shares real-world examples of the power of client and agency partnerships in developing authentic sustainability-goal-driven campaigns such as “For The Love of Water” and “Tough Love” campaigns for Save Our Water, The State of California’s water conservation effort,  creative work to increase EV adoption with San Diego Gas & Electric as well as an impactful and disruptive campaign promoting responsible tourism for Mammoth Lakes Tourism.

Addressing sustainability challenges and developing authentic creative solutions is imperative for agencies and brands to uphold their environmental responsibility. Now is the time for companies to tackle these challenges head on as consumers rally for environmental stewardship.

Owens adds: “Storytelling is such a powerful sustainability tool. How The Shipyard creates sharp, strong and even sassy creative with this tool should be an inspiration to companies considering how to share their own climate story.”

A climate solution driven event, The Nest Climate Campus brings together brands, businesses, and organizations in environmental discussion during climate week. It coincides with the United Nations “Climate Ambition Summit” and takes place at The Javits Center in New York September 19-21, 2023.