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The Shipyard to Host Panel at Outlook Forum 2024: How Music Makes Brands Sing

The discussion will be moderated by The Shipyard’s managing partner Tammy Haughey

Originally featured in LBB Online.
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The Shipyard, one of the fastest growing independent advertising agencies in the nation, will be leading a panel discussion this week at Visit California’s Outlook Forum 2024 on “How Music Makes Brands Sing.” Outlook Forum is California's premier conference with information and inspiration to navigate what's next for the tourism industry.

Moderated by The Shipyard’s managing partner Tammy Haughey, the discussion will delve into the profound influence of music and sound on brand storytelling and audience engagement. In an era where digital platforms offer unprecedented access to music and audio, brands of all sizes can harness this powerful tool to forge deeper connections with consumers. From shaping perceptions to fostering emotional resonance, music has emerged as a cornerstone of modern storytelling. The panel will illuminate the myriad of ways in which brands leverage music to captivate audiences and elevate their narratives and marketing strategies to new heights. Panelists include:

  • Shez Mehra, VP/growth, MassiveMusic
  • Chaucer Barnes, CMO, UnitedMasters
  • Laura Fernandez, VP-head of industry/travel & tourism, SXM Media

The 45-minute session includes panelist presentations with music/audio/sound/video, followed by audience Q&A via the Outlook Forum app and moderator-led questions.

  Key Takeaways

  • Explore the emotive influence of music on behavior.
  • Enhance brand recognition and affinity with audio cues.
  • Discover successful music-driven marketing strategies.
  • Acquire practical techniques for scaling music in marketing.