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Thought Leadership: Flipping the Funnel

Lance Porigow - Chief Growth Officer


By inverting how we look at key stages of the sales cycle and considering the conversion first & foremost, we gain new, actionable insight into growing audiences while improving every step of the customer journey – including purchase, consideration and initial engagement.


Explosive growth is more attainable and more sustainable than ever. But it doesn’t happen by luck. By crafting the customer journey starting from the conversion, flipping the traditional approach to crafting customer narratives – we improve our ability to:

  • Maximize and accelerate conversion, ultimately enabling explosive brand growth
  • Craft marketing narratives that resonate with each discrete audience segment
  • Connect with the entire universe of a brand’s potential consumers


This white paper outlines a new way of considering sales funnel that combines data science with media and creative strategy to redefine how we craft successful consumer engagements.

The strategies and tactics outlined help brands:

Generate More Conversions

  • Improve conversion rate by mastering the data consumers share about themselves
  • Speed conversions by continually testing and learning, thus maximizing the ability to understand and predict consumer behavior

Increase Consumer Consideration

  • Create unique marketing narratives that resonate with each individual audience segment
  • Personalize consumer interactions to engineer deeper engagement and increased willingness to share data

Maximize Audience Awareness

  • Understand the entire universe of potential consumers available
  • Leverage the best-suited strategies and tactics to build, grow and connect with these audiences

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